Traveling to Brian Head

Some tidbits of information about "how to get there" and what to be careful of.

Getting up the mountain, or, why didn't I bring chains?

We can't predict how good the roads are going to be when it comes to getting up the mountain from…

We can't predict how good the roads are going to be when it comes to getting up the mountain from Parowan to Brian Head, and then, from Brian Head town to the residence. The house is located in one of the original subdivisions of Brian Head, therefore, town snow plowing is usually pretty responsive and available. During snowstorms, there might be significant build up of snow and ice on the town roads, and on the highway coming up from Parowan. These roads can be impossible to navigate during severe conditions. It's best that if you consider traveling to Brian Head in the winter, that you have a vehicle with four wheel drive, and at least, all season tires. Having a set of tire chains in your car is always a good idea, and during the winter, is best described as a necessity. 

State Highway 143 is usually plowed during snowstorms, but there have been occasions when plowing is stopped during the evening and overnight hours. This can make the highway impassable, thus preventing you from getting up to Brian Head. In our experience, this has been a rare occurrence. We can't predict the whims and desires of the Utah State Highway department, so you might want to try to get up the mountain during the earlier hours in the event of a snowstorm.

The road from Brian Head to the house (Ridgeview) is usually well maintained, as are the other "Town of Brian Head" roads. There is one spot however, right in front of Copper Chase condominiums, though not steep, can be icy because of limited sun exposure. Sometimes people get stuck there. If you have chains or four wheel drive, it won't be a problem.

Remember that cell phone service is limited on the highway going up the mountain from Parowan; there are some areas that have no cell signal, though much of the highway is presently covered by ATT and Verizon. The police usually do a pretty good job of patrolling this highway in the winter, but if you break down or get stuck, you may be there for a while. It's best to have some emergency supplies in your vehicle in case this happens. Cell service for Verizon and ATT is excellent once you reach the Brian Head area.

There is a chain application area on State Route 143, about half way up. It is a lighted area, with plenty of room to park and apply your chains. During a snowstorm, or, with bad conditions, we really recommend that you apply your chains at this area. Further up State Route 143, at about 8000 feet altitude, just before you get into the town of Brian Head, the road gets a bit steep. It is not uncommon for people with two wheel drive and "all weather" tires to get stuck on the road at that point. When in doubt, put your chains on. You can always take them off when you get to the house.

As part of our contractual relationship, we cannot provide refunds for the reservation if you fail to make it up to the house.

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