The house address is 361 Pinehust street. The phone number is 435 677 2514.


From Nevada / California:

Take Interstate 15 all the way north up into Utah to either EXIT 57 or EXIT 75.


From Northern Utah:

Take Interstate 15 south towards EXIT 75 PAROWAN.


Interstate 15 exits:

Exit 57 Cedar City: You might want to consider getting food and supplies. There is a Smith’s Food straight off the exit into town, or a Wal Mart to the left when you exit the highway. There is a small grocery that is not open late on the mountain, some basic food stuffs, and a bit expensive. You might want to stop and get food in Cedar City. No need for bottled water, the water on the mountain is superb, right out of the tap.

EXIT 75 PAROWAN : To go to Brian Head, get off on exit 75. Follow the exit off, keep going, you’ll go into “town” (You can go straight through the stop sign (at the Maverick station), keep going until you hit a T in the road (that’s state highway 143). Make a right. Take 143 up into Brianhead . (There are signs that might make you take a left at the Maverick, then a right eventually, but that just puts you on 143 anyway)

Take 143 all the way up the mountain, about fourteen miles. You’ll know when you’ve reached the top. You’ll see Cedar Breaks Lodge on the right, Apple Annie’s grocery store on the left, Brian Head peak ahead. Keep going. You’ll see the beginners slope on the right, keep going. You’ll see the Town Hall on the left, keep going. The next right is RIDGEVIEW. Take that (make a right on RIDGEVIEW). Follow that up, go past Copper Chase Condos, then you make your first left, which will be PINEHURST. Take that left, look for a four car garage on the left. It's the only four car garage on Pinehurst. Or, on the mountain, for that matter. Park in front of the two garage bays on the left (our neighbor owns the right two).

Again, it’s the first right past the Brian Head Town Hall. Then, the first left.







The house is at the circled X