High altitude issues

The house is at 10,000 feet altitude, with approximately only 30% the amount of oxygen you would find at sea level. Here's some things you need to be aware of.

Some things to know about living at high altitude. Brian Head base is at 9700 feet altitude, the peak is close to 12000 feet. The house is at almost 10000 feet. This section is for information purposes only. You should get proper medical advice from your physician concerning your prospective visit to Brian Head.


Generally, the high altitude emergencies that are seen at Brian Head's altitude consist of the following:

    High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE)

    High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE)

    Cardiovascular disease events


    Difficulty sleeping


It's important to know the following:

    Evidence of any exacerbation of chronic illness, or

    Evidence of high altitude related sicknesses and emergencies

All require proper oxygen administration, fluid administration and, most important, "getting off the mountain".



    Dial 911 from any house phone.

    Dial 911 from your cell phone, the address is 361 Pinehurst.

    Nearest hospital is in Cedar City, about thirty minutes away

    Response time in Brian Head from Police, who carry oxygen and have basic medical supplies, is usually within minutes.

    Response time in Brian Head for an ambulance, can take upwards of thirty minutes. The ambulance either comes from Parowan or Cedar City, if it is not already "visiting" in Brian Head.


Yes, most people do. The first night or two can be difficult when it comes to sleeping. Be aware that your lack of sleep the first night or two is not from the comfy beds; we all have some difficulty sleeping the first night. Sleep aids can be helpful. Be wary of using alcohol to aid your sleep; alcohol leads to dehydration which is already a factor at this altitude. Stay well hydrated, drink the water from the tap (it's quite excellent), avoid heavy meals, and be careful with exercise the first day or two on the mountain.