Enjoying the house

Some information tidbits about how to best use the facilities at the residence, including the hot tub, sauna, internet, and televisions.

There is a six man Jacuzzi in level one, the Jacuzzi Gym room. It's in a room with some glass roof skylights, and lots of windows all around. We tend not to heat this room, as the sun usually does a good job of keeping it warm, and besides, a little cold air while you're sitting in a little hot water tends to feel more than a little good.

The Jacuzzi uses bromine for cleansing and "sterilization", though, remember, you really can't completely purify water that sweaty people sit (and god forbid, pee) in. The Jacuzzi is covered to help keep the heat in; please remember to cover the Jacuzzi when not in use, and don't ever stand or sit on the Jacuzzi cover. It's not designed for that. The heating controls are on the corner of the unit, and are self-explanatory.

We change the water on an "as needed" basis. The chemicals are checked and replenished after each guest stay.

Please shower before, and especially AFTER, you sit in the Jacuzzi. This will minimize the chances of any sort of skin infectious disease and chemical irritation. (Something you should do after sitting in any hot tub).


Some things to be aware of:

Check the temperature before you get in. We are not responsible for guests who make changes to the Jacuzzi thermostat.

Do not use the Jacuzzi alone. Always have a partner. (Besides, it's more fun...)

The Jacuzzi spa runs at high temperatures. It is not recommended that those with a heart condition, asthma, hypertension, poor physical health, or those under the influence of alcohol use the Jacuzzi. Do not use if pregnant. Consult with your Physician before using the Jacuzzi if you have any questions.

Certain people may have sensitivity to Chlorine or Bromine (anti-bacterial additive). If you experience coughing or itching, leave tub immediately and shower.

It is not recommended that healthy adults exceed 15-20 minutes in the Jacuzzi.

Supervise small children around the tub at all times.

Take care in entry & exit of Jacuzzi. Stairs and floor can be slippery when wet.

No glass in or around the tub at any time.

If your hair is long, put it up in a ponytail or bun to avoid getting it caught in the filter or drain.

Avoid drinking alcohol or using drugs in the hot tub. The hot water will amplify and speed the effects of any alcohol or drugs. Alcohol makes you drowsy, and falling asleep in hot water can be very dangerous. In addition to the risk of drowning, your body cannot regulate its temperature as well when you are asleep, which can lead to dangerous overheating.

Similarly, avoid using the hot tub when overly tired, or at least have a more alert person join you to wake you up.

Always keep the hot tub covered when not in use. Always make sure that the security gate has been properly closed after use to prevent hot tub access to children.

Never use electrical devices (including phones, radios, TVs or any other corded device) in or near the hot tub.


Please close all doors and windows after you finish in the Jacuzzi room. Replace the cover on top of the Jacuzzi


There are towels in the racks on the wall of the Jacuzzi room. 



The Wi Fi is connected to the DSL modem in the office, up on the fifth level, or the entrance level, of the house. It really isn't necessary to mess with those connections; everything should work as it is. Occasionally, the internet stops working in Brian Head, usually during rain or snow storms, as the wiring and cables that carry the transmissions are hung from poles, and traverse all the way down to Parowan. Too much snow, too much wind, a stray bird, or an adventurous hunter wanting to "shoot that thing", and the internet disappears. Fortunately, it's usually temporary. Also, power outages of course, shut down the system. 

There's nothing to do if the internet shuts down. It will come back. Promise. It always does.

Oh, the password for gaining access to the network, called Brianhead2ghz, is    russbointhesnow.   All lower case, no spaces. Don't even think of how we came up with that password.

If you want to connect by cable, there are two yellow CAT 5 cables already attached to our switch. Just plug those into your laptop at one of the desks, and do your thing.

Oh, and please don't unplug anything, or try to do us a favor by redesigning our network. We communicate with various parts of the house through this thing; if it doesn't work, bad things happen. Like, it will stop working. Or, you might get locked out of the house. Or, the toilets will rebel. Silly little things like that.


Have fun surfing! It's not the fastest man has made, but it's the fastest available in Brian Head.


Turning on the Living Room television

Follow these directions exactly and you won’t have any problems:

  • Press power button on Direct TV remote (aim it at the TV)
  • Press power button on SONY RECEIVER (bottom Sony unit)
  • Adjust volume using RIGHT BIG KNOB on SONY RECEIVER.
  • That’s it.
  • IF you do not see a picture:
    • SONY RECEIVER: LEFT BIG KNOB (to left of volume), turn so that display shows “SATELLITE”
    • SAMSUNG TV REMOTE: MENU, INPUT, input should be AV1
    • That’s it. Don’t bother with any of the little knobs or buttons.
    • Do not even try to rewire our components! The system is set up to run the television downstairs also. Playing with the wires will result in a veritable nightmare for us and the potential loss of your security deposit for you.
  • DVD:
    • Press POWER button on DVD if not already on
    • Put DVD in tray
    • Adjust volume with RIGHT BIG KNOB on SONY RECEIVER
    • Use SONY DVD remote to control playback.
    • Use SONY RECEIVER to control volume.


Please don’t touch anything else. It just complicates it for the rest of us. Thanks!



The BBQ sits on the deck outside the living room on level four. It's a rather nice stainless steel unit, but some things are required to make it work. Turning the knobs not only turns on the gas, but, also, causes ignition. There are two main things to keep in mind, the gas valve, and the batteries. Yes, batteries again...

The main gas valve to the BBQ is to the left rear of the unit (Don't bother looking for a propane tank, we don't use that. The BBQ is hooked up to the house gas line) Just make sure that the valve is open. For those of you who are unfamiliar with gas valves, the little yellow valve handle has to be parallel to the pipe for it to be open. A closed gas valve has the handle perpendicular (across) the line of the pipe.

The battery pack is on the main "dashboard" of the BBQ; it's a little round cap that screws on, to the right of the gas burner valves. One AA battery goes in there. Given the fact that it gets damn cold up there, that battery might not be working all that well. There are new batteries in the kitchen, the small top drawer to the left of the electric stove top. If you do not hear a slight ticking sound when you turn the BBQ valve and press in (the igniter), then you might need to replace the battery.


When starting the BBQ, do the following:

  • Make sure that the main gas line to the BBQ is on.
  • Open the BBQ lid so that gas does not build up in the unit when you try to start it.
  • Turn one of the valves all the way and gently push it in, you should hear gas flow, and you should hear a slight clicking sound as the auto igniter starts to fire. If you do not hear that clicking sound, you might need to change the battery.
  • Stand back in case it goes boom.
  • You might have to try different valves to get it to start up. Once you have one burner going, you can slowly turn on the other valves; the other burners should start from the ignition of the first one. Of course, open a valve that's next to the fired up one first so that it ignites.
  • If the electronic igniter fails to light the gas burner, you can drop a burning piece of paper into the tray, and then turn on one of the gas burner valves.
  • Set your valves at the temperature that you want, feel free to close the lid. The lid has a thermostat built into it.


Please make sure that all the burner valves are off when you're finished.


You can also turn off the main gas valve to the unit if you feel adventurous. Saving gas allows us to keep the rental costs down.


Good question. It's complicated, and not everything works as it should. Reason being, parts of it are old, and they don't make the components for it anymore.


The jacuzzi aspect is no longer functional as we cannot obtain the computer components that make it run. The steam shower has been disconnected for safety reaons.

However, the handheld shower, the wall jets on the right (both controlled by valves on the right) and the main shower head on the left (controlled by the upper valve on the left) all work. The temperature thermostat unit (on the left) is already set at a comfortable temperature. Slight adjustments are all that are needed, if necessary.