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  • Jacuzzi Instructions and Warnings


    The Hot Tub is provided for your use and the water has been treated to ensure it is correctly balanced.   If used following these instructions, there should be no need for additional maintenance visits. Hot tubs pose similar risks to swimming pools, as well as having their own dangers. Here are some hot tub safety rules that everyone should be aware of before using the tub.

    • The tub is to be used responsibly and is not to be used as a substitute wading pool by children.  Allowing children to jump or dive into the water is not permitted under any circumstances.   Children must not use the spa unsupervised at any time.
    • Only clean swimwear may be worn in the tub as the chemicals in the water will remove the colored dyes found in ordinary clothing, causing them to leach into the water and turn it cloudy.
    • Please shower before using the tub to remove make-up, sun-screen, insect repellent or any other oil-based products.
    • It is recommended that you have someone in the hot tub with you. If you choose to ignore this advice and elect to use the tub alone, make sure a responsible person inside the cottage is aware that you are in the tub and how long you have been in.
    • Do not use the hot tub if you have a medical condition without discussing it with your doctor first; your doctor may advise you about specific temperature settings, how long it is safe to stay in, and any warning signs that you may be in trouble.  Do not use a hot tub if you are taking any medication that makes you drowsy or affects your circulation; if necessary, check with your doctor.  Pregnant women and the elderly should also consult their doctor before using a hot tub. Those with a heart condition, asthma, hypertension, poor physical health, or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not use the Jacuzzi.
    • Do not use the hot tub if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs as your judgment will be impaired and you could become unconscious and drown.
    • Be aware of the amount of time you have been in the tub. Soaking in the warm water can raise your body temperature to dangerous levels. 15-minutes in water no warmer than 104 degrees Fahrenheit is considered safe; if you want to use the tub for a longer period, take a break.  Soaking in the warm water can dehydrate you, which could lead to nausea, dizziness, or fainting. Take breaks from the hot tub and drink water before getting back in.
    • Please use plastic glasses if taking a drink into the tub. Do not take beer bottles near the spa
    • No smoking is permitted in or around the tub.
    • People with cuts or external infections should not use the tub.
    • Be sure to check the temperature of the water before you enter the tub.
    • Be sure to replace the cover on the tub whenever the tub is not in use.
    • Be sure to close the security gate after using the tub.

    Overuse or abuse will also cause the tub water to turn cloudy and will render the tub unusable.  If this occurs the owners are to be notified immediately as the tub will almost certainly have to be emptied and refilled, which will deny you the use of the tub for at least 24-hours.  Any abuse of the tub will result in a charge on your damage deposit.  The owners take no responsibility for skin conditions that may arise from using the spa.

    Created by Rich on 18/01/2014 in About The Residence

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