Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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  • How many people can I squeeze into this house?

    Well, officially we have beds to sleep six adults and four chldren. But, if you wanted to squeeze more people in, you could. That's up to you.

    There's a nice comfy two piece sectional couch in the home theater room, level two, which could easily sleep one adult and one child, or, two children. And, we have have a queen size inflatable air mattress bed, (provided nobody stole it), which you plug into the wall to inflate. (None of this huffing and puffing nonsense for us. We're civilized people you know). The inflatable air bed can go on the floor in the home theater room also; that would sleep two adults or two children.

    You also have the option of putting some of the kids in bed with you. That's what we do when we travel or stay at home; our two kids insist on it. Which also explains why there isn't a third on the way....

    Please try to limit the amount of people on the decks at any time. Overloading the decks can lead to unexpected consequences, especially if there is a snow load upon them.

    Created by Rich on 10/01/2013 in About The Residence

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