Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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  • Snowmobiling and how not to spend the night in the back woods with the critters.

    We have snowmobiles, and we can tell you from experience, it's absolutely incredible. The scenery and trails in the Brian Head area are unparalleled. Just tremendous.

    The problem is, there really is no way you can rent a snowmobile in the Brian Head area and take off on your own. You probably wouldn't want to do that anyway, as getting lost on literally hundreds of miles of trails could lead to an inadvertent overnight stay out in the snow. And with temperatures in Brian Head sometimes dropping to minus twenty farenheit, we wouldn't recommend that.

    Thunder Mountain offers guided snowmobiling on very scenic trails in the back woods, at a reasonable price. They can be reached at 14356772288.

    Created by Rich on 30/12/2012 in About The Area

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