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  • Cameras and what we do with them

    You'll notice when you enter the house that there are cameras in various areas of the house. Here's where they are, what we do with them, and what we can see:

    Bridge: We keep track of the snowfall on the bridge and the driveway in order to coordinate our snow removal.


    Deck: Again, we keep track of the snow build up on the deck. Plus, this camera gives us a good idea as to what the weather is like. And, it's a great picture, for when we miss the place.


    Bar: There is ONE camera inside the house. It is mounted over the bar area in the living room, facing the living room deck double wide doors. We need to be able to see these doors after you leave, because occasionally, these doors blow open, which usually, in the winter, leads to severe frost damage inside the house. The most recent event was in January 2013, which led to about a thousand dollars worth of damage.


    Garage: There is a camera inside the garage so that we can keep an eye on our belongings.

    (You really don't want to see what we keep in the garage.)

    In the past, we had interior cameras set up to keep an eye on the house while we were away. We used to be far away, sometimes in China or Thailand. And one winter, after someone broke into the house, they had left the living room patio doors unlocked. The result of that fiasco was about fifty thousand dollars in frost and water damage to the house. So, you can understand our desire to keep an eye on things. However,  now that we're renting the premises on a fairly regular basis, and there are people moving in and out on a regular basis,there is no need to watch the complete interior of the house from afar. We do need to keep an eye on the living room deck doors, as people in the past have failed to lock those correctly, leading to frozen water pipes, frozen toilets, and water damage.

    If the interior camera facing the living room deck doors bothers you, please put a towel over it, or, just unplug it (You can see where it is plugged into the electrical socket). We'll fix it after you leave so that we can keep an eye on those damn deck doors. The deck doors have been pinned so that only one door opens (during the winter months) to help minimize the possibility of people failing to lock the door adequately.

    The deck doors are scheduled to be replaced this summer, so hopefully, this will no longer be an issue for next winter.




    Created by Rich on 26/12/2012 in About The Residence

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