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  • Slippery Surfaces: How to stay vertical.

    Hey, it's cold and snowy out there. Let's face it, Brianhead can average winter temperatures in the twenties and thirties during the day, and drop to minus twenty farenheit at night. The combination of all of this, basically, is ice.

    Despite our best efforts at providing a relatively snow free entrance, nature doesn't always seem to cooperate. Here's a few things that you should know about getting into the house.

    The Driveway: The Driveway for the most part is either plowed or snow blowed after snow falls. But, during snow storms, the plows or the guys just don't get there. Four wheel drive vehicles in the winter are a must; besides, if you don't have a four wheel drive vehicle with good snow tires, you probably won't make it up the mountain anyway. There is a relatively large parking area in front of the four car garage; please park in front of the TWO garages to the left (the other two belong to our neighbor). Even if the driveway is plowed and "cleaned off", remember, ice can be below the snow pack. The surface can be extremely slippery.

    The Bridge: The bridge has two types of surface areas: steel grate, and a rough epoxy surface resin. The grates help enable the snow to fall through, thus diminishing the need to shovel six feet of snow off the bridge. Feel free to walk on the grates; even though you might find looking down through them at the earth about thirty feet below a little disenchanting, you shouldn't worry about falling through. However, these grates in the winter sometimes can be a little slippery. Walk slowly, be careful. The epoxy resin surface to the left of the grates offers far more friction, but also, tends to offer more snow and ice.

    The Deck: The decks have the same surfaces as the bridge: epoxy resin which is rough though possibly snowy, and steel grates, which can be a little slippery.

    The Stairs: Bottom decks, these stairs are generally not cleaned after heavy snowfall. They are epoxy resin bonded, but we tend not to use the lowest decks in the winter if there is heavy snowfall.

    A shovel should be inside the house, in case you want to get some exercise. Take it easy, remember, you're at 9700 feet altitude.

    Created by Rich on 22/12/2012 in About The Residence

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