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  • The living room TV: How to make it work. (It's easy...!)

    The living room TV, on level four, is a Samsung 40 inch LCD television "built into" the corner of the room. It is attached to a DVD player, a stereo, and a satellite TV receiver. Looks like a lot of stuff, but, it's actually pretty easy.

    To turn the system on, take the Direct TV remote, and press the POWER button. That turns on the television.

    Open the cabinet door, and press the POWER button on the left side of the SONY receiver. That turns on everything else.

    Use the large knob on the right of the SONY receiver to adjust the volume.

    Use the large knob on the left of the SONY receiver to change from SATELLITE to DVD, if you want to play a DVD. It should say "SATELLITE" for the Direct TV to work.

    That's it. It should work. Change the channels using the DirectTV remote and enjoy.

    Adjusting anything else, if you don't know what you're doing, can lead to some interesting circumstances. I'm sure you'll eventually figure it out if you start playing with it.

    Oh, you might find that once you start the TV and the SONY receiver, the satellite receiver might take a little time to download new information. It's normal, and it might take a minute or two to finish. You can change channels with the Direct TV remote, just like you probably do at home.

    Reception tends to be excellent, except for when there are seriously nasty storms.

    DO NOT TRY TO REWIRE OUR COMPONENTS. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, CALL FOR HELP. The wiring of our system is complicated to say the least. It works. If you are not seeing a picture, someone may have altered the settings.

    For your information:

    • Samsung TV should have INPUT set to AV1 (done via Samsung TV remote, Menu, Input, AV1)
    • Sony Receiver should be set on "Satellite" using large left knob, for TV satellite viewing.
    • Sony Receiver should be set on "LD" using large knob, for DVD use. (Use separate SONY DVD remote to control DVD. DVD unit comes on automatically with all the rest of the units).
    • All components power on with the DirectTV remote and pushing the Sony Receiver power button.

    Don't be surprised if the set is tuned to Disney Junior. I don't have to tell you that the little ones always seem to hijack the tele...

    Created by Rich on 21/12/2012 in About The Residence

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