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  • Hot. Sweaty. I like it. How to use the sauna.

    The hardest part of using the sauna is finding it. Once you get in there, it's easy. Just turn the damn knob. And feel free to throw a little water on the rocks too, just for the fun of it.

    Oh, and remember this. The second hardest part of using the sauna. Turning it on. An hour or two before you want to use it. You see, we're not a commercial gym that keeps their heaters going all day. It takes time for the sauna unit to heat up the wood, the air, the racks. Once you find the sauna, turn it on, make sure you set the thermostat correctly (it's to the left of the timer switch, and we usually keep it on the hottest setting), and go wait somewhere for about an hour or two. Pop by and visit it occasionally because the sauna's timer switch will turn itself off. You can speed up the heat transfer to the wood inside the sauna environment by sprinkling a little water on the rocks every once in a while, once they get hot. The steam generated will cause the sauna environment to heat up faster. But, be patient. It takes time to heat the sauna to a nice toasty temperature. Please use the water cautiously; a little goes a long way.

    Just so you know, there are, or were, two knobs. But you know those little plastic thingies, they rot, and the knob that turns the unit on and off, and controls the timer, is gone. You'll find a small vice grips attached to it. Or, you can use the nearby back up pair of pliers. Just grab that little metal nubbin and gently turn it clockwise. It will start ticking, which means that it's timing down. The knob to the left of that is the thermostat control; it controls the heat out put of the sauna. We usually keep that turned all the way up.

    The sauna is located on level two, just beyond the Home Theater room in the basement. It's the little narrow passageway that you see directly in front of you when you walk down the stairs and enter the Home Theater room. Down that hall, at the end, to the left, is a door. Open that, and go inside. Down to the right is the sauna unit, underneath which is a knob that controls the temperature. There is a light switch outside the room, which operates a light near the floor. Also, you can open a hatch on the wall which exposes a glass window, so that you can see outside. Don't even think about crawling through that window; you won't fit. It's just for lighting and mood purposes.

    Be careful now, once you get the thing heated up, limit your exposure in the sauna! Remember, people tend to get dehydrated at this altitude, and getting into a sauna will only make that worse. Drink plenty of water when you're in Brian Head, not only is it really, really good, but it's really really good for you. And, if you're pregnant, got hypertension or heart disease, or are generally in ill condition, you really shouldn't be getting into a sauna, anywhere.

    Lay on the wood racks and enjoy the heat. Just don't over do it. And please remember to make sure that it eventually turns itself off after you leave.

    Created by Rich on 21/12/2012 in About The Residence

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