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  • Dealing with the electric baseboard heaters.

    There are baseboard heaters throughout the house, with the exception of the bedrooms on levels one, two and three, generally, all heat in the house is generated by the natural gas heaters. In the bedrooms, we use thermostats and baseboard heaters.

    The master bedroom on level three has two baseboard heaters, and two thermostats. Just press the up or down arrow on the unit to adjust the temperature. The second bedroom on level three operates the same. The wall thermostats look like this:

    Click on image to view instructions for this unit

    The heater in the shower area of the master bathroom has a digital thermostat built onto the heater. It is always set to around 74 to keep the bathroom toasty year round. No reason to adjust that; if you desire more heat in the bathrooms, it's better to use the three ceiling mounted heat lamps; they'll toast you real quick. You can turn those on in the master bathroom by turning the timer switches mounted on the walls (two near the toilet, one in the shower room). The baseboard heater digital thermostat looks like this:

    Click on image to view instructions for this unit

    The Nature bedroom on level one has two large baseboard heaters. We usually keep this unit off. The room heats up quickly however; the thermostat that controls it is on the wall to the left of the house door in the Jacuzzi room. The unit should be on before you arrive, but sometimes we forget. We also don't turn it on if we have a lower body count in the house. Most people prefer to use the bedrooms on level three as they're closer to the bathrooms; the nature bedroom, distant from civilization, however is very private, and it its own way, very desirable to some.

    The Jacuzzi Gym area on level one has some baseboard heaters, again controlled by the previously mentioned wall thermostat.

    The nature bedroom will have its own gas heater. Soon...


    Created by Rich on 21/12/2012 in About The Residence

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