Monday, April 22, 2019
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  • Logging on to the Wi Fi.

    The Wi Fi is connected to the DSL modem in the office, up on the fifth level, or the entrance level, of the house. It really isn't necessary to mess with those connections; everything should work as it is. Occasionally, the internet stops working in Brian Head, usually during rain or snow storms, as the wiring and cables that carry the transmissions are hung from poles, and traverse all the way down to Parowan. Too much snow, too much wind, a stray bird, or an adventurous hunter wanting to "shoot that thing", and the internet disappears. Fortunately, it's usually temporary. Also, power outages of course, shut down the system.

    There's nothing to do if the internet shuts down. It will come back. Promise. It always does.

    Oh, the password for gaining access to the network, called Brianhead2ghz, is    russbointhesnow.   All lower case, no spaces. Don't even think of how we came up with that password.

    If you want to connect by cable, there are two yellow CAT 5 cables already attached to our switch. Just plug those into your laptop at one of the desks, and do your thing.

    Oh, and please don't unplug anything, or try to do us a favor by redesigning our network. We communicate with various parts of the house through this thing; if it doesn't work, bad things happen. Like, it will stop working. Or, you might get locked out of the house. Or, the toilets will rebel. Silly little things like that.

    Have fun surfing! It's not the fastest man has made, but it's the fastest available in Brian Head.

    Created by Rich on 21/12/2012 in About The Residence

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