Sunday, September 15, 2019
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  • HELP! Who you gonna call...?

Plumbing Stuff: Getting wet at the right place, right time.

  • Water Disasters: How not to get wet when bad things happen.
  • The kitchen sink won't work!

Computer Stuff: Surfing and getting connected.

  • Logging on to the Wi Fi.
  • Using computers.

Heating and all things about staying warm.

  • Fireplaces: How not to burn the house down.
  • Gas heaters: Getting the heat just right.
  • Dealing with the electric baseboard heaters.
  • The BBQ, or cooking at ten thousand feet in the snow

The Jacuzzis: Getting wet and hot.

  • The BIG Jacuzzi. Let's not get naked now...
  • The LITTLE Jacuzzi: You had better be naked...
  • The Jacuzzi Shower. Stand up and get blasted.
  • Jacuzzi Instructions and Warnings

The Sauna: Getting hot and sweaty.

  • Hot. Sweaty. I like it. How to use the sauna.
  • Dress code in the sauna.

Door Locks: Or how not to get locked out at midnight.

  • The door locks, and how to play with them.

TV's and Stereos: What to do.

  • The living room TV: How to make it work. (It's easy...!)
  • The Home Theater room: Getting warm and cozy with movies.

Kitchen stuff: Food, garbage, pots, pans and other things that get dirty.

  • Garbage, and how not to make new animal friends.
  • Cookware: What do I bring:
  • Food and Eating: Or do I have to eat in these restaurants....

Safety Stuff: When things go beep in the night and other important stuff!

  • What's that damn beeping?
  • Children. Things to know.
  • Cameras and what we do with them
  • What's that damn beeping? Part two.
  • Slippery Surfaces: How to stay vertical.
  • Getting up the mountain, or, why didn't I bring chains?
  • How many people can I squeeze into this house?
  • Pets. Things to know.

Disability and Handicap Issues

  • Mobility issues and the handicapped.

Availability and Reservations