Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Computers upgraded

July 22, 2013: We've updated our three computers both hardware and software wise. Oh, and number wise. There are now four separate computer systems and monitors, all hooked up to our internet network. One computer runs Windows 7 Ultimate, the other three still run Windows XP. They're all reasonably fast, especially for basic things like browsing the internet and checking email.

Dec 7, 2013: Two of the older computers are being replaced soon, one brand new I 5 processor with Win 7, the other a quad core 6600 with Win 7 Ultimate. Both very fast...

Jan 21, 2014: Three computer systems have been updated. One system has Win XP, and is fairly fast, the other two run Win 7, and are, well, fast.... The old computers have been discarded.

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