Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Fireplaces: We've upgraded them.

The three gas fireplaces in the following areas are operable now as we've installed remote controlled natural gas fireplace log sets.

  • Office (level five)
  • Master bedroom (level three)
  • Nature bedroom (level one)

We keep the fireplace dampers open for added safety, even though these are "vent free" log sets. Also, there are smoke and CO2 detectors in these rooms, as well as scattered throughout the house.

The big wood burning fireplace in the living room (level four) is operable. And is spectacular. Fire it up.Just make sure the damper is open. (Stick your head in there and look up; preferably before you start the fire).  Wood is not provided. Sometimes you might find some on the hearth, sometimes you won't. We don't provide it but feel free to use what you find. Or, bring your own. (The logistics of supply are unattainable as our cleaning service does not move firewood).


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